February 23, 2003

Not Again

There's nothing heroic about having a cold, and that's especially true of this cold. There's nothing particularly awful about it; no sore throat, no wracking coughs, no wheezing--just a general lack of energy and gumption and sinuses that spontaneously congest whenever you sit down for two minutes together--regardless of the medication you take. Oh, and a fever, sometimes. And it doesn't go away. I've had it since Thursday, and the lack of energy for a couple of days before that. Dave has had it for over a week, though James seems to have finally kicked it. And for all I know, this is the same bug that had me a couple of weeks ago and a couple of weeks before that. From what my sister-in-law the nurse tells me, it simply takes forever to go away.

And sometimes it goes away and comes back as pneumonia. What fun! So you have to take it easy and try to stay healthy and not offend the bug too much, so that it will leave happily.


Posted by Will Duquette at February 23, 2003 06:01 PM