February 12, 2003

Howliday Inn, by James Howe

This is the second book in the "Bunnicula" series, although Bunnicula the vampire bunny doesn't actually appear in it. The Monroe family is going off on a vacation, and leaving Chester the cat and Harold the dog at a kennel called Chateau Bow-Wow. As usual, Chester is determined to play Sherlock Holmes, and as usual Harold (the narrator) is just about capable of holding down Dr. Watson's spot on the roster.

Chester soon determines that the pair of wire-haired dachsunds (Heather and Howard) are in fact werewolves; and when a French poodle named Louise disappears, Chester is certain that she's been murdered by her boyfriend Max and his new friend Georgette. Or maybe by Lyle, the psycho-kitty. Or by Max's hanger-on, Taxi. And as more animals disappear, even Harold begins to think that Chester might be right.

I'll pay this book the compliment of saying that David enjoyed it very much, and is looking forward to more; I'll also say that I found it rather boring, and not much fun to read aloud. I'd probably have liked it more if I'd been able to read it silently (and therefore more quickly), but alas--I fear that this belongs to the set of kid's books that really are only for kids.

There are two or three more books in the series, and I've no doubt we'll get to them all in time.

Posted by Will Duquette at February 12, 2003 07:42 PM