June 25, 2003

Wizardborn, by David Farland

This is the third and most recent in Farland's Runelords series; there's has to be at least one more to finish the story. It follows directly after Brotherhood of the Wolf, which ended on a really down note, and mostly continues the bleak mood.

Not a lot happens that's conclusive: King Gaborn and his crew continue to harry the reaver army they defeated at the climax of the previous novel; Averan, a young girl introduced in the previous book, becomes the apprentice of Binnesman the Earth Warden, to no one's surprise; Gaborn sends agents to various other kingdoms; Raj Ahten returns home to Indhopal, where he's faced with a number of threats to his rule, including a bigger, nastier reaver army; Binnesman's "wylde" continues to grow in power and intelligence; the Darkling Glory summoned by Raj Ahten in that last book is (possibly) revealed as something much nastier still; in the end, nothing at all is settled.

In short, Wizardborn carries the saga along adequately well (I enjoyed reading it) but doesn't have much of an ending and provides no real sense of closure. It does, however, set a number of interesting trains in motion; I'll be curious to see them all collide in the next episode.

Posted by Will Duquette at June 25, 2003 01:06 PM