June 20, 2003

This man can write

I love James Lilek's daily page, The Bleat; it makes me laugh out loud more often than anything else I see on the 'net. It's all because of passages like this one:

One of the how-to books my wife bought suggested a boombox in the maternity room, with quiet music that helped you "center." Something with flutes or aeolian harps or zithers played with feather dusters. I brought some Beethoven. Bring that kid out to the strains of the fifth! I also brought some nebulous new-age stuff I'd purchased in the 80s. It all sounded like music suitable for glacier races. It wasn't any help at all - it just trickled out from the speakers, like the faraway sighs of a lovely zeppelin slowly deflating. At sunset. Near a lake. With swans.
Posted by Will Duquette at June 20, 2003 10:25 AM