January 25, 2003

Blandings Castle, by P.G. Wodehouse

This is a collection of short stories mainly about Blandings Castle and Lord Emsworth. There are more to the volume, but I confess, I only read the Blandings ones. I love the Blanding stories! Lord Emsworth amuses me no end and his brother, Sir Galahad Threepwood is a hoot. Like Bertie's Aunts, Lord Emsworth has Sisters and worse, Nephews. But the bane of his life is his younger son, Freddie. Fortunately, Freddie marries an American heiress to a dog bone manufacturer and goes off the the States to work in her father's vicinity. This collection includes the, I think, first Blanding story "The Custody of the Pumpkin" which has Lord Emsworth adoring his prize pumpkin prior to the advent of the Empress of Blandings into his life. It also includes the classic "Pig-Hoo-O-O-O-Ey" where Lord Emsworth really learns how to call a pig. As usual with everything by Wodehouse, these stories are a delight.

Posted by Deb English at January 25, 2003 08:35 PM