January 22, 2003

Ripping Yarns

Or, anyway, ripping CDs. I've just gotten a Nomad Jukebox 'Zen' MP3 player, and now I'm in the process of downloading my CDs onto it. It's a tedious process, made more tedious by the fact that all I've got here at home is a dial-up connection.

Why does my Internet connection matter? Because of "CDDB". If you're on-line, you can look up the title and track names and other data about almost any CD you put into your computer's CD drive. Plus, it's easy; the CD-ripping software that comes with the Nomad Jukebox gets all of the data it needs automatically. This saves a lot of typing.

The sequence goes like this: dial-up to my ISP, put the CD in the drive, wait until the software downloads the track titles, ask the software to rip the CD, close the ISP connection. And then, ten minutes later, do it again.

It's enough to make a guy seriously consider broadband.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 22, 2003 01:00 PM