January 01, 2003

The Great Purge, Part III

Some more books that failed to make the cut.

No Place Like Home, by Fern Michaels. This is one of Jane's romance novels; she decided she didn't want it. I don't ask questions.

Enemy Glory, by Karen Michalson. Bad fantasy. I panned this some months ago.

Legs Benedict, by Mary Daheim. Failed humorous mystery. At least, it didn't tickle my funny bone.

The Big Nap, by Ayelet Waldman. Yet another meant-to-be-funny stumble-around-'til-you-solve-it mystery. It was OK, but I won't miss it.

The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket. Duplicate copy.

How to Live with a Neurotic Dog, by Stephen Baker. No, this isn't a repeat; I found another copy. Why we had two copies, I dunno. We used to have two dogs, but that seems like an insufficient excuse.

Pooh and the Millenium, by John Tyerman Williams. Subtitled, "In which the Bear of Very-Little Brain explores the Ancient Mysteries at the Turn of the Century." It was funny, I guess...but it's so 20th Century.

China Mountain Zhang, by Maureen F. McHugh. Lots of people really like this book; sadly, I'm not one of them.

Midshipman Bolitho, by Alexander Kent. Life in Nelson's navy. It's not Patrick O'Brian, but it's fun. This is a duplicate copy.

E=mc2, by David Bodanis. A book about Einstein and his equation. This is a duplicate copy; again, I dunno how we ended up with two of them. I'd be for getting rid of both, as I don't expect to read it again, but Jane thinks she'd like to read it.

L is for Lawless and M is for Malice, by Sue Grafton. I've gone off Kinsey Millhone a bit, and while I don't intend to get rid of all of Grafton's novels, these two hardcovers simply take up too much room.

The Dolphins of Pern, by Anne McCaffery. Sigh. I remember when a new Pern novel was an event. This one, however, was not.

A New Song, by Jan Karon. Duplicate copy. Plus, it's a hardcover, and I have all of the rest in matching paperbacks.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 1, 2003 04:04 PM