December 21, 2002

The Big Move Has Begun

A couple of years ago, we turned the spare bedroom into my study. It was outstanding: plenty of bookshelves, a big comfy chair with an ottoman, a big desk, a phone, and a bed for taking a nap. Maybe a month later, we found that our little girl Anne was on the way, and that my study's days were numbered. Today, finally, the process of moving me out began.

There's actually no rush on Anne's part--she's been sleeping in a playpen in the living room for the last six months or so, her choice. (It's a long story.) But two things come together this week--time off work for me, and an impending visit from an old friend and his family. They will be staying with us for a week, and they need a place to sleep. My study doubles as the guest room--but being without the things in my study for a week would be difficult. So we're making virtue of necessity and taking the time to move most of the stuff before they arrive.

On top of that, we're getting rid of lots of stuff. I've dropped off four big bags of stuff at the local Good Will, and Jane's about to drop off three bags of books at the public library. And there's more to come, I feel sure.

Posted by Will Duquette at December 21, 2002 02:56 PM