November 18, 2002

It's Amazing What You Can Do With The Right Tools

A couple of days ago, Jane showed me a list of words that David is supposed to learn to recognize. And it occurred to me, "Gosh...I could probably make Dave a flashcard program." The current release of the Tcl programming language includes all of the bells and whistles that I needed. So yesterday morning I sat down, and in a couple of hours I had a simple program that displays a word in really big type. When Dave presses the "???" button, a recording of my voice says the word, then spells it letter by letter, then says it again. When he presses the "Go!" button, another word appears. When he presses the "Stop!" button, the program ends.

And most of that two hours was spent recording the words and the individual letters; the programming was simple. There's a reason I like Tcl.

Posted by Will Duquette at November 18, 2002 07:32 PM