November 05, 2002


One problem I had not considered when I started this web log was the dearth of material at the beginning of the month. I usually write book reviews a few at a time, and then post them over the next few days. It gives you folks something to read every day, and means I don't need to be writing every day. But the last thing I do every month is finish writing reviews of all of the books I've read, and then those reviews go into Ex Libris instead of into the web log. And then, the next day, I have no reviews to post. Which means I need to write bilge like this to fill the space.

I suppose I could drone on about the California election, but the only thing on the ballot that I'm at all exercised about is a proposal to allow voter registration up to and including Election Day. At present, there's a deadline--you have to register some weeks (30 days?) before Election Day.

Now consider--Joe Blow goes to the polls on Election Day, and registers to vote--at every precinct in the county. How can this be prevented? The proposed measure provides for stringent new anti-fraud mechanisms, but I think it's wishful thinking. Rigging an election can be a powerful temptation, and the stakes can be high; I'm in favor of putting as many obstacles as possible in the way.

So I'm agin' it. We'll see in the morning how many folks agree with me.

Posted by Will Duquette at November 5, 2002 05:15 PM