October 10, 2002

Idle Hands

We've got three cupboards in our "play room". This is where the TV is; it's also the one room we could easily close off with a gate to keep the little ones inside. It's like a big playpen. The cupboards are all "locked" with those white plastic two-piece babyproofing locks: the kind that you snug down around the knobs on a pair of double cupboard doors so they can't be opened?

The middle cupboard has toys and games in it, most dating from when I was a kid. Even David is still too little for most of them, so the cupboard stays locked all of the time.

I was reading my e-mail after dinner when Jane called up to my study, "Will, Dave, can you come down? I need some help." We duly came down, and found Jane sitting in the play room. James and Anne had gotten into the middle cupboard, and there was my childhood scattered all over the floor. There were crayons, coloring books, barnyard animals, two sets of dominoes, a couple of games, some puzzle pieces, and a number of decks of cards: one Peanuts-themed Old Maid deck, two normal decks, both dirty, one oversized deck, and a Flinch deck. That's only a fraction of what's in that cupboard (for which God be praised), but it was still enough to cover about ten or twelve square feet of carpeting.

I gather that Flinch is a card game intended for people who class regular playing cards with short skirts, dancing, and alcohol. I've never played Flinch, and while I believe my mom played Flinch when she was a little girl I don't believe the set we have has ever been used, except that I used to take the cards out and fiddle with them when I was little. They are in remarkably good shape, all things considered.

Oh, and there was a little box filled with little stars--the kind elementary school teachers used to award. That got dumped out, too. It took us a good half-an-hour to get everything squared away enough to vacuum, by which time it was time to get the kids to bed.

James has solemnly promised not to let Anne into the cupboard again. We'll see.

UPDATE: I just sat down to do something else, scratched my knee, and found six more of those little stars stuck there. I expect we'll be finding them floating about for days.

Posted by Will Duquette at October 10, 2002 07:54 PM