October 06, 2002


There's a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant we like to go to. Jane and I like it because we like the food, and the boys like it because they get to eat won-ton chips and jello, and little Anne likes it because we're all there. Plus, they've always been very friendly when we come in, despite the fact that we always bring in a troop of messy little kids. So we enjoy ourselves, and tip well.

The last time we tried to go there, they were closed; the sign said that they'd be closed for a month, as they were on vacation. So we waited; and tonight we tried going there again. Lo, how the mighty have fallen!

They looked at our kids with disdain. The table wasn't particularly clean. The beef hadn't been trimmed well, and was full of gristle. The steamed rice and pocket bread arrived when I was almost halfway through eating, instead of when I got back to the table with my barbecue. The rice was dry, with crunchy bits. Jane had to ask for water repeatedly. We asked for a booster seat for James repeatedly, and never got one. Plus, the Diet Coke tasted off, though that can happen to anyone. The pocket bread was better than usual; that was the sole point of light.

So happens, we didn't recognize any of the servers. My suspicion is that it's under new management; or perhaps a new branch of the family that owns it came out to run it; or perhaps there's a different team on Sunday. But however it came to happen, we weren't impressed, and I doubt we'll go back any time soon.


Posted by Will Duquette at October 6, 2002 06:50 PM