September 21, 2002

Me, by Jimmy (Big Boy) Valente, by Garrison Keillor

This is, of course, Keillor's ode to Jesse (The Body) Ventura, and to my surprise (given the public acrimony between the two men) it's not nearly as mean-spirited as I expected. To be truly mean-spirited, a work of satire needs to hew a little closer to the truth than this one does.

At least, if the Jesse Ventura's life was anything like Jimmy Valente's, the world is a much strange place than I thought.

So much for satire; so how was it as a book? If you're a Keillor fan you've probably already read it, and if you're not a Keillor fan, there's probably not much point. It's an extended yarn of the kind he likes to spin once in a while, it's incredibly silly, and it kept me reading until the end. I laughed every so often. But Lake Wobegon Days it ain't.

Posted by Will Duquette at September 21, 2002 04:42 PM