September 18, 2002

Tcl/Tk 2002, Day 4

I let the shower curtain win this morning, as it was too much effort to fight with it. I could tell when I woke up that I was coming down with a cold, and so my first act after showering and dressing was to buy some Tylenol and cough drops at the gift shop in the lobby. The morning session of the conference was a bit of a trial.

I don't want to give the wrong impression, though. Despite ill-timed colds and overly friendly shower curtains I'm having a ball. It's neat to get a chance to meet people I've hitherto known only by name.

This is my second Tcl conference; the previous one was five years ago, in 1997, when I was just getting started with Tcl and no one present had any reason to know who I was. This time it's been very different. I'm a relatively small fish in the Tcl pond, but I'm definitely a resident. Since 1997 I've written some Tcl tutorials that have proved popular, and a couple of open source software packages that use Tcl; on top of that I wrote a paper for this conference ("Automated Testing of the Deep Space Network's Uplink Subsystem", don't ask unless you really want to know). I really haven't had to worry much about introducing myself to anybody this time around.

I presented my paper this morning, and apparently I was lucid despite being mostly on autopilot. When I know a topic backwards and forwards you can just wind me up and I can expound at length (Jane can testify to this), and it probably saved me. I just hope I'm not too dopey the rest of the day.

Posted by Will Duquette at September 18, 2002 01:06 PM